Light caverns

by Light caverns

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released February 26, 2016

This record and its current presentation would not be possible without the help of:

Dominic Ronchetti for recording
Zack Cummings for mixing & mastering
Maegan Monico for the album art
Karleigh Wickens for the layout & design

we are forever indebted to all of you for being a part of this and helping it become what it is

on this record, Matt Paquette plays bass and sings
David Zusman plays guitar
Luis Hernandez plays guitar
Christopher Musser plays drums



all rights reserved


Light caverns Chester, New Hampshire

rhythm boys from the woods of new hampshire

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Track Name: J. Parker
mattress springs are being held up by secrets that I've told in my sleep

there's a lot of things I talk about when no is listening to me
I'm tripping over every single word of help that I’ve whispered to myself

my foundations for growing are built on branches I have never climbed
I'm looking back on the past three years where the formative choices have led all of my friends
stability is a suburb of my mind that I will never dwell in
dismantling every single thing I've come to know of this hereditary dysfunctional construct

so I will reassess the practicality of my aspirations lodged in the dark corners of my mind
and why they stay there, no one knows

it's not that easy
Track Name: Wax Warmers
the walls are shaking, shedding pictures I've left hanging for too long
and though you're gone I can still feel you
trace your fingers from my jawline to my lips to keep me silent
I'm just preparing for the winter 'cause it's getting so much colder

the sky was clear this past Fall
so I spent my time leaning by my window
to feel the cold pass through me
To reassure myself that this is real

I'm retracing my steps
learning on my own
so I don't give in to my shortcomings again

there's coffee mugs collecting dust in the corner of my room
I see them every day and night
can't bring myself to get rid of them 'cause I've lost all motivation so they stay there to remind me

of everything I used to be of everything I couldnt be of everything I'll never be
Track Name: Coping with Surreal Displacement
dreams like memories
I can't tell them apart
I found a place inside my head
where the good parts of my past
they coincide with who I am today

there's something about the way that you look at everything when you're only nine years old

but I cannot find an outlet for the things that I enjoy
'cause I'm always too caught up with the things I don't relate to
so please don't wake me up from this little dream that I'm having
cause I don't want to return to the life I have today

dreams like memories
from when I was young
before my life had so much debris
I'm coming back to reality